Zoom Backgrounds

We invite you to download and use the ICPE 2022 Zoom virtual backgrounds, if you would like to.

How to change your Zoom virtual background

After joining a Zoom session:

  1. Download one of the above ICPE2022 backgrounds
  2. Click the arrow on the “Start Video” icon at the bottom right of your Zoom window (on computers)
  3. Select the “Choose Virtual Background” option
  4. In the “Background & Effects” tab of the pop-up window, click on the [+] button and select “Add image”, which is to the right of the pop-up window
  5. Select the downloaded ICPE2022 background .png image from your downloads
  6. Your new background should now appear in the preview window. Click the x to close the pop-up window.

See the Zoom support page for further details, including how to change your background if you are using a mobile phone.