Poster Presentations

We would like to thank you for submitting an abstract to present a poster at ICPE 2022. In order to provide a fantastic experience for participants, we have prepared some guidelines for your poster.

Poster session

There are three 30 minute poster sessions through the conference. Your poster will be assigned to one of these. The poster will be visible to participants throughout the conference, but this 30 minute window is when you will be available to answer questions synchronously about the poster. The poster sessions will run through Zoom. You will be assigned to a Zoom room with approximately two other poster presenters with posters on a similar topic. There will be technical assistance available throughout the session. 

Prior to your session

Please submit a .pdf version of your poster through the Microsoft form by 20th November. You will need to upload your poster to a share drive (eg. Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox) and then share the link. Please make sure that the permissions are set correctly so that we can access the poster. Once the final program is released, please check that you know which poster session you have been assigned to. Once your poster is uploaded, you will be sent a link to your online poster display; please check it carefully to make sure the upload has been completed correctly. As the poster session is virtual, there is no strict size requirement, posters should not be interactive, treat the poster as though it were to be printed. The presenting author must be registered to attend the conference. Register through this link.

Session logistics

Please arrive at the Zoom room 5 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. Introduce yourself to the other presenters and make sure you have your poster ready to share via share screen. Please remain in the Zoom room for the full 30 minutes so that other participants can come and ask you questions. 

Conference logistics

The abstract for your poster will be made available through the Proceedings and also through the “Virtual Poster Session” software we will be using. This will mean that participants who are unable to attend your poster session synchronously will be able to ask questions asynchronously. Please keep an eye on this and answer any questions relevant to your poster. We will release a guide on how to access and respond to these asynchronous questions closer to the beginning of the event.  

Tips for making a poster

  • Wherever possible, try to use ‘vector’ graphics (as opposed to ‘dot matrix’ graphics) when making your poster; this will mean that it looks good at every scale. 
  • You might like to use presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides) or graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape etc.) to create your poster. Make sure you save the poster as a .pdf file (using “Save As”), to ensure compatibility with the online poster display. 

Thank you, we are looking forward to seeing your poster.