Instructions for Chairs

Thanks very much for agreeing to chair a contributed talk session for ICPE. These sessions are running a little differently to many conferences to try and encourage meaningful discussions. We have carefully grouped together talks on similar topics. Questions for all contributed speakers will take place at the end of the session. 

How the sessions run:
The session will have five contributed talks or one keynote and three contributed talks.  

  • Keynote talks go first, 20 minutes followed by five minutes of questions.  
  • The three contributed talks follow, 10 minutes each. No questions after each talk. 
  • If there is no keynote, five contributed talks, 10 minutes each occur one after the other. No questions after each talk. 
  • At the end, there will be a 15 or 20 minute question session for ALL the contributed talks. 

Contributors can either deliver their talk synchronously or asynchronously. A technical support person will play the asynchronous videos. All speakers need to be present, remain in the Zoom room to answer questions synchronously. The very first contributed talk session on Tuesday is 10 minutes longer and contains one more contributed talk. 

Your role as chair 
Manage the session in a timely manner. If talks go over time there will not be time for discussion at the end, this is unfair to all speakers and participants in the session.

  • Please introduce yourself and remind all speakers at the start of the session about the importance of sticking to time. Outline the structure of the session. 
  • Let participants know that they can ask questions in the chat throughout the session, presenters can answer these in chat, and that the room will remain open at the end for another half hour if people want to continue discussions.  
  • The session will be recorded and the recordings made available during and after the conference. 
  • Introduce and thank each speaker. Thank all speakers and participants at the end.

To start the questions after the contributed talks, please tell participants that they can raise their hand and turn on their microphone to ask questions or post them in the chat. Please select appropriate questions from the chat to ask. Select questions for all speakers.  If there are language issues, try to assist. Close the session on time, say that the recording will end but that people are welcome to stay in the room to continue the discussion. 

Each session will also have a technical support person who will post in chat when speakers have 3 minutes, 1 minute and need to stop speaking. Please interrupt and ask the speaker to stop if needed, once 10 minutes has been reached. Videos will only be accepted if they are less than 10 minutes long, this timing must apply to synchronous delivery. The technical support person will play the submitted videos and will make sure the session is recorded. 

You will receive a calendar invite for the session with the zoom link and co-hosting access, although much of the technical aspects will be managed by the technical assistant.