Participation Guide


The latest PDF version of the program (without Zoom links) is available in the Program section of the ICPE 2022 website. On Friday 2nd December and then each morning of the conference, Participants will receive an email from the email address with the Program including Zoom links for the sessions. Please keep an eye out for these emails, which will also contain the name you should use when you join a Zoom session. This is a 3-digit number followed by your name. If you do not receive this email please contact us.

The ICPE 2022 Technical Support Team are hosting an orientation session at the end of the first day of the conference. Join the Zoom and meet our brilliant technical team members to get support with any technical questions you have, or we welcome you to just pop in to say hello!

Online Platforms

There are four platforms we will be using throughout the conference to make it an interactive experience with easy sharing of information.

ICPE 2022 Website (public) | Virtual Poster platform & Zoom (for registrants only) | Proceedings of abstracts (public)

Virtual Poster Platform

On this platform, you can view the posters anytime throughout the conference and ask the presenters questions asynchronously by clicking “Join the Discussion“. You will also have the opportunity to talk to presenters synchronously during the poster sessions.

Also on this platform, you will see a box for each stream of contributed talks (grouped by day and time of day). Each stream box contains the list of talk titles, authors, and a link to the abstracts. We have also included abstracts and information about the invited talks, including the plenaries, keynotes, panel discussions and the ICPE Medal Award presentation.

  • Click the “Chat with Presenter” button to go to the Zoom room, which will open 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Click the “Join the Discussion” button to open another window where you can leave a comment or question for the presenter/s. You can use this function to ask presenters questions asynchronously, throughout the conference. See further instructions here.

This is where recordings of Zoom sessions will be uploaded and available for viewing at the end of each day. Please email if you experience any issues or have any questions about the virtual poster platform.


We will be using Zoom for all presentations. The Zoom links to each of the sessions are on the Program sent to Participants on Friday 2nd December, and each day of the conference. You can also join the Zoom sessions via the virtual poster platform, by clicking “Chat with Presenter”.

The Opening Ceremony, Medal Award, Plenaries and Panels will be hosted on Zoom Webinars. You can ask questions in Q&A during these sessions. Contributed Talk and Poster Sessions will be held in Zoom Meetings.

Naming protocol

In the emails you receive from containing the Conference Program with links, you will also be given your individual Zoom ‘name’, which is a 3-digit number followed by your name. You can change your Zoom name prior to joining a Zoom session, or during a Zoom session, before the presentations commence. Below is a quick snapshot of how to change your name while in a Zoom meeting. For further instructions, including how to change your Display Name before joining a Zoom, see guide to change your Zoom name.

If you are already in a Zoom session, click the 3 dots on the top right of your participant window, select “Rename”, enter your unique “number Name” combination, and select ‘Change’.

Technical Support

If you are unable to log into a Zoom session, or are having other technical issues, please email

If you are logged into a Zoom Meeting session and require technical support, please send a direct message using the chat function, to the ICPE TECH person. See guide to use chat in Zoom and Ask for Help.

During Webinars (Opening Ceremony, Plenaries, Panel Discussions and the Closing Ceremony), you can ask the ICPE TECH team members a question using the Zoom ‘Q&A’ feature.

Asking Questions via Chat

Throughout the Zoom sessions, we encourage all participants to ask the presenters questions via the Zoom Q&A function (in Webinars) and Chat function (in Zoom rooms). During the Contributed Talk streams, your questions will be addressed at the end of the session, after all talks have been presented, during the 15 to 20 minutes question and answer time (Q&A).

We ask that all participants Mute their microphone, unless it is their time to present or ask a question during the Q&A time at the end. We also ask that participants wait until the Q&A time, after all the talks, to use the “Raise Hand” function.

Along with asking questions using the chat function, during the Q&A time, you can select the “Raise Hand” option. When the Chair asks you to ask your question, please unmute your microphone and ask your question. See guides for Zoom chat, raise hand feature, and how to mute/unmute microphone.

Zoom rooms will remain open after each session so please feel free to continue your discussions with colleagues for as long as you would like. 

Certificates of Participation

If you would like to receive a Certificate of Participation, please email at the end of the conference.

Criteria: You will need to attend at least three sessions (three different zoom links) during the conference. Please ensure you use your individual Zoom name during the Zoom sessions, which is a 3-digit number followed by your name, as we will use this to register attendance. Your Zoom name is included in the daily emails sent from during the conference.

Instructions for Presenters