Contributed Talks

We would like to thank you for submitting an abstract to present a talk at ICPE 2022. In order to provide a fantastic experience for participants, we have prepared some guidelines for your 10 minute talk.    

Parallel Talk Streams

The contributed talks will mainly take place in 70 minute parallel sessions. These sessions will consist of either five ten-minute contributed talks followed by 20 minutes of questions OR a twenty minute keynote talk followed by five minutes of questions followed by three contributed talks and 15 minutes of questions. We have tried to group contributed talks thematically. You may either present your talk live or submit a video recording (please upload it to YouTube) of your talk prior to the conference. Video submission is our preference, as it avoids many of the technical issues on the day. Staff will be available in each of the streams to play the talks submitted in advance. Because there is only limited time for questions at the end, it is important that everyone stick to their allotted ten minutes. The chair will stop you if you go over time. You should attend your assigned talk session even if you submit a video, as you need to be present to answer questions. 

The parallel sessions will be recorded and made available to participants. This is to cater to participants in other time zones. There will be a platform where participants can ask questions asynchronously during the conference. 

Prior to your talk

Decide whether you will present your talk live or pre-record a video of the talk. By 20th November, complete this Microsoft form with either a link to your talk (on YouTube) or by selecting the live (synchronous) talk option. Talks must be under 10 minutes. Any talk over 10 minutes will be returned so that it can be edited down to 10 minutes. Once the final program is released, please check that you know which session you have been assigned to. The presenting author must be registered to attend the conference. Click here to register.

Parallel session logistics

Please arrive at the Zoom room 5 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. Let the chair know that you are present. Make sure you stay for the entire session, as questions will take place at the end. 

Conference logistics

The abstract for your talk and others in the parallel session will be made available through the Proceedings but also through the “Virtual Poster Session” software we will be using. This will mean that participants who are unable to attend your talk synchronously will be able to ask questions asynchronously. After the talk session, we will upload a link to the recording of the talks here. Please keep an eye on this and answer any questions relevant to your talk. 

Some tips for recording a video

Options for recording a video include:

  • Use your Institution’s existing software (e.g., Camtasia) and save/download the file.  
  • Use Zoom (Start a meeting in Zoom > share screen > select the PowerPoint window > Start the slideshow > start the recording (record on this computer, in the menu on the top of the screen) > Stop recording when it’s done (shortcut is Alt + R or from the same part of the menu). The file automatically saves on your computer and will be available when you end the meeting. This video can then be uploaded to YouTube.  
  • Use a free or licensed recording app. Screencast-O-matic has a small fee, we recommend it if you don’t have software provided by your workplace, or don’t have access to Zoom and will record a few more videos within the year (  
  • You can also record your slideshow on PowerPoint but this needs to be converted to a video file before uploading to YouTube: File > Export > Create a Video > Select Video Quality > Use Recorded Timings and Narrations> Create Video.  
  • Remember to switch off all notifications in your recording device.  

Uploading to YouTube:

  • Go to YouTube and follow the instructions on This Page
  • Make sure video settings are public (if you are happy for the public to access your video) or unlisted (if you prefer more privacy). See  this link for more information on these settings.