Workshop: PhET Interactive Simulations

Workshop Title: Going Deeper with PhET Interactive Simulations

Workshop Time: TBC

Intended Audience: University and Secondary-School Educators

Workshop Details:
PhET Interactive Simulations project ( at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive simulations and virtual labs for science and math learning. PhET simulations are teaching tools that can support conceptual learning and skill development, but they are most effective when used in a teaching context that makes use of evidence-based, student-centered teaching and learning practices. During this workshop, participants may spend time collaboratively designing an activity sequence using PhET’s suggested strategies (whole-class inquiry, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, clicker questions and Peer Instruction) and reflecting on guidelines for effective worksheet creation (including pre-labs, challenge prompts, and post-labs). 


Dr Rebecca Vieyra supports PhET’s international strategy and programming. Previously, she managed the Inter-American Teacher Education Network for the Organization of American States, and served as K-12 Program Manager for the American Association of Physics Teachers. Rebecca is a prior high school physics teacher who received her PhD in science education at the University of Maryland. She received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, and is an alumna of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship. She resides in Washington, DC, with her husband and daughter.